7 Hacks to Make Holiday Decorations Easy!

7 Hacks to Make Holiday Decorations EasyElevated stress levels are part and parcel of the holiday experience for the average person. Dealing with decorations accounts for a significant percentage of holiday hassles. Here are a few nifty hacks that make holiday decoration a far less stressful affair in any household.

Stock Up on Light Bulbs in Advance

Under the best of circumstances, holiday light bulbs have a high failure rate. Fortunately, those specialty light bulbs are usually cheap. The time you’ll waste driving to the store to find the appropriate bulbs isn’t.

Organize Your Decorations by Room

Figuring out where specific decorations should go is an arduous process if you don’t organize them beforehand. Be sure to label boxes of ornaments based on the room where they’ll eventually reside to simplify the clean-up process.

Assemble an Essentials Toolbox

Arranging holiday decorations always involves ancillary materials that are a pain to track down one by one. Keeping a toolbox stocked with screws, tacks, ribbon and tape will drastically reduce the headaches associated with holiday decorating.

Protect Fragile Items With Packaging

Holiday celebrations generate plenty of loose cardboard, foam peanuts and wrapping. Using all of that material to pack up decorations at the end of the holidays will cut down on time spent sorting and recycling said trash.

Invest in Cord Storage Solutions

You can easily waste hours untangling electrical cords at the beginning and end of the season. Fortunately, there are plenty of cord wheels available on Amazon. Wrapping wires around cardboard packaging inserts is a viable alternative.

Keep Hooks and Hangers Where They Are

Slapping up wreaths and lighting always entails wall-mounted hanger installation. Leaving hooks and hangars in place will prevent the need for annual paint repair. Try to position hangers in low-traffic areas to avoid drywall damage.

Store Artificial Foliage in Reusable Bags

Even if you swear by natural trees, everyone has a few plastic foliage pieces in their decoration arsenal. Storing those items in zip-up bags during the off-season saves closet space and makes decoration deployment easier next year.

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