Ten Steps To Thoroughly Clean Your House Before Thanksgiving

Maybe you’re hosting Thanksgiving dinner, or maybe you’d like to get a jump-start on Christmas cleaning. Maybe your house is on the market and you need is to be deep down clean to be shown at any time! This is definitely more of a challenge around the holidays, when so much cooking and bustle is happening, but it’s not impossible. You can also hire someone to deep clean your house, but chances are you’ll be more satisfied if you do it yourself. And unless you are starting with a hoarder’s type of mess and clutter, the average 2,000 square foot house can be deep cleaned in about five hours if you’re going solo – grab some friends or your kids or partner and make it a party! Definitely turn on some music and let the good times roll!

Ten Steps To Thoroughly Clean Your House Before Thanksgiving

  • Take down the shower curtains and wash them in the washing machine. Hang them up to dry. You may want yo use some scented fabric softener to make your bathroom smell extra fresh.
  • Take all doormats and rugs outside and shake them. If they are washable, wash them in the washing machine, but skip the dryer. Lay them flat to dry. If they are not suitable for the washing machine, scrub them with some dishsoap and a scrub brush.
  • Clean all of your windowsills inside and outside of dirt with soap and water. Then wash your windows thoroughly with window cleaner or a mixture of vinegar and water.
  • Sanitize and wipe clean every door knob and light switch in your house. You’d be surprised how grimy these get. If they are metal, wipe them to a shine.
  • Recycle and Declutter (Old papers, magazines, newspapers, throw away anything broken, and make a donation pile – the lamp you don’t like, knick knacks that don’t bring you happiness, etc.) Take these to a second hand store or donation center.
  • Clean all corners, walls, and ceiling fans. This is tricky, so be careful and use a step stool that was specifically made for this purpose. You can’t have a happy Thanksgiving if you’re in the Emergency Room.
  • Wipe down the kitchen cabinets, stove hood, range, counters, and scour the sink.
  • Mop and vacuum every floor in your house – including underneath the furniture. Get help to move it if it’s too heavy.
  • Vacuum all the upholstery and non-washable decor in your house, and don’t forget to vacuum the vents.
  •  Clean every wood surface with orange oil and scrub every tub and toilet to a shine.

Now you’re ready to have some Thanksgiving visitors! This can be done in advance too, just don’t forget to set aside a half hour or so for upkeep – especially the decluttering part and making sure the kitchen and bathroom are sparkling!

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