Three Ways To Make The Outdoors Festive In Florida

You’re in Florida, either living in your dream home or trying to sell someone else’s dream home. How can you capture the fun and feel of the holiday when you’re in eighty degree temperatures? Because many people in Florida haven’t necessarily lived in Florida all their lives, this warm holiday season may seem a bit strange. If you are selling a home, decorating in a fanciful but fun way that celebrates both the diverse cultural backgrounds that are prevalent in Florida, as well as the traditional scenes and sounds of the season, will go a long way to make your home get noticed!

Three Ways To Make The Outdoors Festive In Florida

  •  put lights on the palm trees
  •  Place an outdoor tree on your deck/patio
  •  Deck The Pool

You may not have tons of evergreens, but you probably have some palm trees that look gorgeous decked out in lights! No matter where you live, a tree is a tree – that counts for lemon and coconut trees as well! Whether you  opt for colored or white lights is entirely up to you.

If you live in the mid -to – southern portion of Florida, there’s a good chance you may spend some of your Christmas Eve/morning celebrations outside – why not make them festive for the season? You can put lights on an artificial pine tree, or lights on an every-blooming tree or bush already near your porch. Instead Have Santa-themed towels and tablecloths! Make it your own, wherever you are.

If your pool is still open, you have so many ways to make it merry and bright. Place red and green lights in your pool for some added shimmer at night, and white or colored lights around your pool and deck. If you’re feeling especially festive, place a lighted palm or lemon tree by your pool! Christmas knows no limits, and those who are shopping for a home, no matter if they are native Floridians or fresh from the northern states, will appreciate your added touch of warmth and hospitality!

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