Three Fresh Ideas For Thanksgiving

Almost everyone loves Thanksgiving for the food and camaraderie that it brings, when we stop our busy work days to bring friends and family together in the spirit of Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving can mean many things for many people – for some, they are pros with years of experience at hosting Thanksgiving dinner, while others are just hosting their very first holiday in their new home. Some people have no family near to spend the holidays with at all. As you begin to think about your preparations, think about some ways that you can incorporate culture, tradition and weave new ideas into Thanksgiving – it will keep it alive and growing in the hearts of your family for generations. Remember that the holiday is not about perfection, it’s about being thankful for who we have in our lives and the opportunities that we’ve been given.  With that spirit in mind, don’t be afraid to let you creativity flow! Take some bold new steps to keep the holiday fresh.

Three Fresh Ideas For Thanksgiving

  • Invite a new family or single person in the neighborhood to dinner
  • Have a family game right after the dishes are cleared
  • Prepare enough food to have “leftovers” neatly wrapped for each guest

It’s always wonderful to get the family or crew together to celebrate and reminisce, but how about bringing new people in the fold? There is likely a new family in your neighborhood, a person at work who will be spending the holiday alone, or someone from your church, child’s school, or carpool that has nobody to share Thanksgiving with. Not only will you be truly embracing the spirit of Thanksgiving and sparing someone from a lonely holiday, your family will benefit by making a new friend who has new stories to tell, new traditions to share, and best of all…a new friendship will begin!

Instead of falling into the sometimes nail-biting trap of talking about world affairs or politics after dinner, what about having a family game? The dishes can wait! Choose something that is appropriate for the whole family, and spend the time laughing and having a good time. Perhaps it can become a tradition that everyone looks forward to – game time while you eat pumpkin pie. It may encourage people to stay longer and spend time together as well.

Thanksgiving usually produces leftovers, but the amount can be uncertain. Wouldn’t it be nice to know you’re sending each person home with a complete meal for tomorrow, already wrapped up nicely? You can get creative with this – either make plates, or whole containers for family units, and throw in an extra pie, already in a bag with their name on it. They will be so surprised and thankful for your thoughtfulness! It will free some time for them the day after Thanksgiving to spend however they wish, and you will be happy that you were able to share even more with your family.

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