3 Tips to get your Home Guest Ready for the Holidays

3 Tips to get your Home Guest Ready for the HolidaysIt’s “deck the halls” time of year. If you’re having guests this holiday season you may want to do a few things to get your home ready. You’ll want your guests to feel welcome and comfortable.

Decorate Your Home For the Holidays

Nothing says “welcome to our home for the holidays” like festive decorations. Clean up your front yard and put lights and decorations up. You can hire a company to do this if you don’t have time. If you celebrate Christmas, put up and decorate your tree. Trim the fireplace with festive decorations. If you put up stockings consider including stockings for your guests, as well. Decorate your staircase. Put out some holiday linens in the bathrooms and dining room. Your guests will love the special holiday touches around your home.

Have Your Guest Room Ready

Make sure your guest’s bedroom is welcoming. Make sure the bedsheets, comforter and pillows are clean and in good condition. Replan any pillows if necessary. Clear out the closet and a few dresser drawers to make sure they have plenty of room to unpack their belongings. Keep the room as clutter-free as possible to give them space. If there is room, be sure to have a television with a remote in the room. Consider adding a few touches that make them feel at home like bottles of water on the side tables and a fan in case they get hot at night. If your guests will have their own bathroom, be sure to have towels set out, a blow dryer for them to use and some travel-size toiletries available.

Be Sure Your Kitchen is Ready

You’ll be doing a lot of cooking so make sure your kitchen and appliances are clean. Stock your refrigerator with plenty of food, snacks and drinks. Keep glasses or bottled water out at all times for your guests. Consider adding a few touches that make them feel like they don’t have to go rooting through your cupboards if they get up earlier than you do like setting out bowls or plates for breakfast, pre-filling the coffee maker with coffee and laying out coffee mugs, cream and sugar.

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