Three Things You Should Do When You Arrive At Your New Home

Ah, you’re finally home! All the planning, moving, and tear-filled goodbyes are now sliding from focus as your new house, job, neighbors and new LIFE come into view! It’s amazing, breathtaking…and overwhelming. Where do you begin? There’s so many boxes to unpack, people to call, accounts to set up, animals and children to settle in…the work’s really just starting. Thankfully there are tried and true ways of establishing yourself in your new home and community so that you can work smarter, not harder.

Three Things You Should Do When You Arrive At Your New Home

  • Recognize it can’t all happen immediately
  • Take time to introduce yourself to the neighbors
  • Unpack your real necessities and comfort items

As they say, Rome wasn’t built in a day. You didn’t pack your whole house up overnight and you won’t be able to unpack it overnight, either. Depending on when you start your job, unpacking may be WAY down on your list. Finding a decent dry cleaner’s and stocking the fridge with good food to pack for lunch may take priority. Whatever the situation may be, you have the ability to be patience and work methodically and calmly – if you keep telling yourself that, your body will naturally follow. It’s ok if the china isn’t put away for a month or two (maybe you should leave it packed up somewhere safely anyway!) Use your own need and want of your things to guide what you unpack – it is logical and won’t fail you.

First impressions are lasting impressions, and this is one you don’t want to get wrong. Take the time to go over and chat with your neighbor, even if for only five minutes, to introduce yourself and give them your number. If you have kids around the same age, mention that and introduce them, too. Don’t force friendships, but relationships have a way of forming once someone breaks the ice. However, the longer the ice remains unbroken, the colder the temperature gets! Your new neighbors are much more likely to forgive your anxiety-ridden yappy dog if they have met him and know his name than if they do not. Extend some common courtesy, and don’t be afraid to make the first move.

Obviously, everyone is going to need their electronics and blankets and pillows right away. Also try to get the mattresses unpacked, even if you don’t get the beds set up right away – sleeping on the floor is no fun! If people are hungry, order a pizza. Run out and get the coffee and creamer an break the Keurig out. If your child has favorite stuffed animals/pajamas/books, get those out right away for your first night. Make sure the house has enough light and heat. Bring the toilet paper and some towels in. The homier you make it right away, the more everyone will relax and begin to accept their new home.

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