Three Things To Do One Month Before You Move

The countdown is on – you’ve got four weeks left before you leave your old house and say hello to your new one! This blog post assumes you’re moving a significant distance, as in hours away, and not a few streets over (there would still be a list but a different one!) If you’re moving to a new house in the same area, these may not necessarily apply. If you’re making the big move, you have a lot going on, so don’t forget some important details that may otherwise get lost in the shuffle and cause you tremendous headaches. It’s all about a planning – so make your list and check it twice!

Three Things To Do One Month Before You Move

  •  Give official notice at your place of employment
  •  Find a New Doctor and Transfer Prescriptions
  •  Plan Your Route

Unless you’re an extreme introvert, everyone in the office likely knows you’re going to move, including your boss. They may have even given you a farewell party or are planning one. However, until it’s in writing with Human Resources, it’s not official, and not giving proper, official notice could come back to haunt you in a big way. A lot of places of employment still go by the “two weeks notice” rule, but as jobs get higher tech, it’s not uncommon for official policies to require four week policies (or even more!) You may be required to train your replacement. Sure, you don’t have to do anything – but poor workplace practices have a way of coming back to haunt you. It’s probably best to put it in writing and let your workplace know as soon as you are sure you’re moving and have accepted another job, but four weeks is the kind bare minimum. While you’re at it, you also need to give notice to anywhere else that depends on you – coaching little league, driving the carpool, being a member of a bowling league, etc. Leave people missing you; don’t leave them high and dry.

Especially if you have chronic medical conditions, you are going to need to find a new doctor who accepts your new work’s insurance and will accept you as a patient, preferably before you move. You don’t want to move and the next day come down with pneumonia! There’s always the ER, but transferring your medical records and prescriptions takes time and ensures your doctor will have a better picture of your health and history. That’s important, particularly if your medical problems have been less than typical.

You need to take the time to plan your route – particularly if you’re driving a U-haul, or taking children, pets, or medically fragile people with you. Plan on travelling well – known highways, avoiding construction if possible (you might need to do your homework!) Backroads are beautiful, but getting off the beaten path in a strange town can spell trouble. Plan for breaks every couple hours – at rest stops, restaurants, to grab a coffee, switch drivers – the longer your trip, the more planning you will need. Know ahead of time where tolls are and how much they will be and have the money or card ready to go. There’s a lot of stress on moving day, so directions and getting lost need not be one of them! Try your best to stick to a schedule and obey speed limits – remember if you have a speeding ticket in a town halfway to your destination, depending on what the charge is, you may need to travel all the way back there. Make sure your vehicles are tuned up prior to leaving and plan for stops for gas. You’ll soon be on your way!

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