Three Ways to Easily Scent Your House For Fall

Fall is in the air, and you may be wondering how to scent your home in a way the mimics the beauty of the outdoors, without the massive expensive of pricey candles and overpowering sprays. There are some easy ways to lightly scent your home, especially for a brief period, like an open house or a showing, if it is on the market. Nothing turns a buyer off faster than a smelly/stale house! Make sure that things don’t only look clean, but also smell clean.

Three Ways to Easily Scent Your House For Fall

  • Bake anything with apples
  • Use an essential oil diffuser
  • Dip some pinecones in essential oils and hang as fresheners

It’s a well known fact that the smell of apple pie, apple dumplings, or apple crumble is a good way to make a house seem more inviting. Whip up a batch of your favorite apple dessert an hour or two before the showing and let it cool on the counter (but make sure you clean up the kitchen!) Don’t have time for a baked dessert or don’t want the extra calories? Place some cored apples in a baking dish and sprinkle liberally with cinnamon and nutmeg, and then bake at 350 degrees until soft and mushy. You can add sugar or sugar substitute to taste in order to make applesauce or apple topping for ice cream. Get creative – the scent of your endeavors will last for hours!

Essential oil diffusers are priceless when it comes to scenting a home quickly and inexpensively. The oils you use are up to you, but please investigate thoroughly which oils you use and whether they are safe for children and pets. In general, the scents of peppermint, spearmint, orange or lemon oil, when diffused with water, are a refreshing and inviting scent that are clean and invigorating to most guests. Be careful with essential oils, because too much of them can be overpowering and have the opposite effect. A lot depends on personal preference, but some people don’t care for the heavier, muskier oils, so sticking with citrus, mints and lavender is probably a safe bet.

If you don’t want to have diffusers running, but have access to a pine tree, grab some cones and lay them down on some paper, inside or outside. sprinkle them liberally with oil of cinnamon and tie a thin ribbon (your choice of color) around them. Let them dry and then hang wherever you’d like- doorways for a woodsy look, or in windows to not be noticed.


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