Three Instant Ways To Add Curb Appeal For Under $100

When you’re selling a home, chances are, you are a little strapped for cash. You may have had to make some repairs or other updates, and maybe you’ve already had to buy a home elsewhere. The last thing you want to hear is that your home needs some updates for curb appeal. Guess what? Your home really does likely need some updates for curb appeal. Curb appeal is that “wow” factor that captures the would-be buyer’s eye as they drive up to your home. People form first impressions about homes the way they do about people. It may not be fair, but it is reality, and in a competitive market, you likely need all the “wow” factors you can get. A solidly built and maintained home will speak for itself once the potential buyers are inside, but prior to that, you need something that makes it easy and comfortable for a buyer to imagine living in your home. Obviously, you should start out with a maintained lawn – take care of grass and weeds. If you don’t have time or money for a major overhaul, though, take heart. Some small changes can pack a big punch.

Three Instant Ways To Add Curb Appeal For Under $100

  • solar lights to line your walkway
  • two large ferns to sit beside each door
  • a bench for your front porch

Solar lights are awesome because they are earth-friendly. They are recharged and powered by the sun, so they generally light up at dark and go off at sunrise. You can purchase them at any home improvement or discount store. You don’t need many – just a half dozen to a dozen will accentuate your flower bed or walkway. Even when it’s daytime and they aren’t lit up, they look elegant and make your front yard look regal. They are relatively inexpensive and you can buy them in black, white, silver, gold, and in various styles.

Ferns are a life-saver because they are big and add a huge amount of color, making your entrance come to life. Place them in pretty pots for a bonus on both sides of your door. They require very little care besides watering, and in many temperate climates, live all year long. Be sure to pluck away any brown or discolored frawns. A little miracle-gro will have your ferns large and bushy in no time, giving an interesting and exotic feel to your front porch. You can usually purchase them at home improvement stores, nurseries, or even supermarkets.

Scout out discount stores and estate sales for a nice bench for your front porch – it need not be big or fancy, and can be matched into the decorative theme of the rest of your home – antique, rustic, or modern. Benches aren’t hard to make for those among us that are handy and enjoy a Saturday afternoon project. You can paint them for a splash of color or stain them for an older, antique feel. Benches are nice because they communicate to the potential buyer that your front porch is a place worth sitting – and that is something most people are looking for. Who doesn’t love a place to unwind and sightsee their neighborhood? For an added touch, place some hummingbird feeders nearby. Now you have a park-like experience where you can also watch birds!

People often fall into the trap of thinking that all “staging” and “curb appeal” efforts to sell a house are expensive. Some are – it really depends on what you are working with to begin with. Assuming your home is in decent shape, though, adding a few inexpensive “eye catchers” will give your home the warmth and appeal that will get it sold in no time.

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