How To Incorporate More Walking Into Your Day

We have all heard the health urges from the surgeon general: walking 10,000 steps a day is important for cardiovascular, muscular, and mental health. It lowers blood sugar, and causes our bodies to require less insulin. It lowers blood pressure, resting heart rate, and risk of death by stroke and blood clot by half. 10,000 steps is approximately four to five miles, depending upon your individual stride. This means it burns a good bit of calories, lessening your risk of obesity and improving your stamina. Exercise also produces feel-good endorphins that improve move, lessen stress, and improve quality of sleep. The reasons people don’t meet this goal are complicated: some say they have no time, some feel too bad to get started, and some aren’t sure where to begin.

How To Incorporate More Walking Into Your Day

  • Double prayer, meditation, thinking or phone conversations with walking
  • Make a deal with your dog
  • Contract with a walking buddy

Whether you pray, think, or spend time talking to family or friends  (or all three), chances are you can do these things safely while walking.  Use a Bluetooth and use the thirty minutes you chat with your mom or sister to walk in your subdivision or local park, or even on a treadmill. People have found they don’t need to talk to a Higher Being with their eyes closed – do it with your eyes open, while out in nature.

Instead of letting your dog out into the backyard, get up a little earlier and take your dog on a ten minute walk around the block in the morning, at lunch, and before dinner. This will easily add up to your required steps per day and will make your dog happier, too! A well-exercised dog is a happier dog, so you may notice less behavioral issues.

Find a neighbor near you who also wants to walk and commit to a time to walk – daily, every other day, twice a week – whatever works. You can change up the route and length of time as your stamina increases. This will not only strengthen your body, it will strengthen your friendship with a neighbor! Another win/win.

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