Must-Have Tools For Homeowners

While carpenters and mechanics probably don’t have to worry much about as far as having proper home maintenance tools, the average homeowner, particularly if they are new to home maintenance, isn’t sure which tools to invest in and keep at all times. It’s far easier to have the tools to repair a simple leak in the middle of the night than to run to the nearest 24-hour-store. Having a few tools could save you thousands in staving off water leaks or serious problems until professionals arrive.

Tools You Need To Maintain a Home

Every home, no matter how small or new, needs a hammer. You don’t need a fancy one, and most are inexpensive, but if you can only afford one tool, make it a hammer!

A screwdriver set is next on the “must have” list. You will need a few sizes of both Phillips and flathead screwdrivers to do everything from take the back off of appliances to fixing a child’s toy.

Pliers are another indispensable item. Sometimes hand-tightening or loosening something is not enough, and pliers are necessary.

Every home needs a tape measure. When you need to see if a piece of furniture will fit in a space, find out before you move it! Get a locking tape measure that measures at least sixteen feet for the best chance at having what you need.

If you like to hang pictures, you may want to invest in a level. Anyone who enjoys crafts or precision needs a level in their tool kit.

While it’s not commonly thought of as a simple tool, a small power drill can be very useful, even if it’s low voltage. This can help you hang curtain rods and other countless tasks.

If you need something held in place while you work, and don’t have anyone around to help, vise grips are inexpensive and can save you time and effort.

Electrical tape is great to have, as are a few nails and screws. Even if you don’t personally do much home improvement, these items can save you in a pinch if something breaks or malfunctions. Having a toolbox can help keep the items separated and in one place for easy storage and transport.

As your knowledge of home maintenance and ownership grows, you may wish to have more items, but these initial items will see most homeowners through many jobs, and will likely cost less than $100 combined, but give you endless peace of mind.


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