Loneliness Considered A New-Coming Epidemic In The US

Loneliness is considered a new-coming epidemic in the U.S.. A full one-quarter of those aged 70 or older are impacted by loneliness. It’s not just a mood though, it can be a trigger for heart conditions, diabetes and even mental illness according to some studies, because our bodies deal with loneliness in much the same way they deal with chronic stress. Check out this article explaining the health risks of loneliness.

When a person is lonely, their body releases hormones that actually mess with the body’s immune responses and trigger physical reactions like inflammation. There are many things that can trigger feelings of loneliness in seniors such as the passing of a friend or spouse. Mobility impairments can also lead to loneliness among some seniors.

If you’re lonely and considering moving somewhere to spend your retirement years, you should consider St. Petersburg. As noted in a previous post, there are ample activities for senior to connect with others and increase strength and endurance at the same time. You’ll also find ample cultural enrichment activities too that can help fight off loneliness. There’s also help available from counselors who understand loneliness. The good news is that retirees have a lower rate of self-reported loneliness versus working people, according to the AARP.

Living in an area with a vibrant retirement population and amply ways to make connections like those around Tampa Bay just increases the chances that a retiree won’t struggle with loneliness. If you’ve considered relocating to connect with other active seniors, we’d love to help you find a community that’s right for you!


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