Using Fiber Cement Beadboard Instead Of Wood Or Vinyl On Your Tampa Bay Porch

If you are considering updating your Tampa home’s porch ceiling, you might want to think about using a new advanced material like fiber cement beadboard. Fiber cement beadboard will not rot the way wood can. It also won’t mold the way wood will. Plus, it’s even better than vinyl in many ways. Vinyl beadboard will often warp or crack from temperature changes. Fiber cement beadboard won’t do this.

The Tampa area comes with temperature changes and moisture. Because of this vinyl beadboard and wooden beadboard aren’t ideal. Fiber cement beadboard though is made using the latest technology and a formula that results in a durable material that looks like real, painted wood.

If your home is one that you would typically market to a millennial homebuyer, this material is probably a good choice, because when the agent showing your home explains the difference, millennials are more likely to appreciate this. Millennials report that they are willing to pay more for quality, and fiber cement beadboard uses sustainable production methods and sustainable ingredients to create a material that will require virtually no maintenance or repairs over its lifetime compared to vinyl or wood.

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