Two Months Before You Move – A Checklist

when you are making a major move, particularly one where it is difficult to “go home” frequently, there are quite a few things you need to do. Two months before you move, you have a little time to work with, but don’t get comfortable and do nothing – then you will be scrambling at the last minute. This is the time to plan and prepare down to small details so that your move goes as smoothly as possible. Sometimes people don’t get two months notice and that’s okay – it’s possible to move on far less time. But generally speaking, two months is a good reliable amount of time.

Two Months Before You Move – Checklist

  • Sort and Donate, or Throw Away
  • Research Moving Company options and get price Quotes
  • Creative a “Moving” Folder so that you are always prepared
  • Plan a goodbye party, or Visit relatives.
  • Organize important documents you will need.

Nobody wants to, but now is the time to let go of all the stuff you’ve been hanging on to. If you don’t love it, wear it, or use it, it like needs to be donated or thrown away. As you’re going through your home, throw all old pictures and important documents into a box to organize later. Everything else – consider yourself a minimalist. If your furniture is old and you can’t imagine it in your new house, don’t take it with you – see if you Salvation Army will pick it up. The less you have to pack up and move, the cheaper things are, and the less headache things are. If you sell any of your household items, put that money away for unexpected moving day money.

Research Moving companies and make sure of availabilities, space availability, and price estimates. Ask about insurance on your items as well, particularly anything extremely valuable or breakable. Consider how your pets are going to get to their new home and make arrangements.

Get a big binder and start putting important “Moving Day” things in it – price estimates of movers, any agreements you sign, the name and contact of the landlord or real estate agent of you your new home; an emergency vet you’ve looked up, the closest hospital, etc. Keep your important documents here as well – school immunizations, transcripts, letters of reference, your CV. Remember that anything can happen to a computer (just like paper) so it’ a good idea to have multiple copies in multiple places, including on a thumb drive with someone you trust or a safety deposit box.

It’s time to plan how you are going to have a goodbye party, or If you are going to. If you have children, it would likely be beneficial to allow them to have a party or sleepover with their friends, take lots of pictures, and make a scrapbook. If you have aging relatives, it’s definitely a good idea to go visit, and leave your new address and phone number for them – you might not see them again for months and want to be sure they have a way to contact you. This is the hard part of moving, but soon all the “goodbyes” will be replaced by “hellos” – so time to dig in your heels and get started!


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