How To Make A Tiny Bathroom Look Bigger

Small Bathrooms can truly be a pain when you’re claustrophobic or trying to sell a home. It’s no fun to feel like you barely have room to turn around in one of the rooms the requires you to spend a lot of time in it! Unfortunately, a fad in the 1990s was to sacrifice bathroom space to add bedroom space to new houses, so if you are living in a 20-30 year old house, you may be dealing with this issue! Never fear, though, as there are always things that you can do, short of knocking out walls to make your space bigger.

How To Make A Tiny Bathroom Look Bigger

  • Mirrors, Mirrors, Mirrors
  • The Same Color Everywhere
  • Ditch The Shower Curtain

Rev up your mirror game by extending a mirrored panel from floor to ceiling, with absolutely no frame or border. Frames or borders will break the spell and will end the illusion of a bigger bathroom. Where you place the mirror panel is up to you – but most people would probably prefer it not be directly across from the toilet.

Now is not the time for bold color, or an accent wall. Now is the time for the palest of grays or a soft beige, something very light and airy, and extend that color to the ceiling as well. If your bathroom has a window, use venetian blinds only – no curtains, as they will be a detraction from the open feel of the room. Make sure your blinds, if wooden, are white, not dark. Anything dark will throw off the illusion of space in the bathroom.

Ditch your shower curtain. Now is the time for an enclosed shower box, and forget a bathtub. Don’t even think of things like toilet seat covers (they just harbor germs anyway.) Now is the time to go completely minimalist. Keep your towels white or light gray so that they blend in with the walls when hanging on towel hooks. Store all of your makeup and personal effects away and out of sight.
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