Three Ways To Instantly Brighten The Outside Of Your Home

So, you’ve made the decision to sell, or worse, had no decision but to sell and to sell soon. You want to get the most bang for your buck when it comes to sprucing up the house, but you can’t afford a ton on renovations right now. What can give you some awesome, fast and cheap curbside appeal? This is crucial for would-be buyers – they need to drive up to your home and be instantly wowed! If you have a couple hundred dollars, a paint brush, and some imagination, you can instantly add charm and beauty to the exterior of your home.

Three Ways To Instantly Brighten The Outside Of Your Home

  •  Paint the shutters
  •  Paint the door bright red
  •  Add some solar lights to the walkway

If you have shutters, now is the time to give them a fresh coat of paint. A popular theory – that happens to be untrue – is that your shutters and door have to be the same color. Not even close! They do need to compliment each other, but that’s easily accomplished. Look at homes that you really love and pick up on the schemes – gray, brick red and forest green? It’s a go! There are limitless combinations, so get inspired by driving around.

If you want instant pizzazz, paint your front door bright red. This has a homey feel that goes back hundreds of years, when colors of doors would  signify “safe” houses. There’s almost no  color of home that a red door wouldn’t look awesome with – and imagine the potential at the holidays!

Pick up some solar lights to line your walkway. These are relatively inexpensive and they are powered by the sun, so no electricity costs or unsightly cords. Place them strategically in your flower bed or line your walkway with them…it gives instant hominess and curbside appeal!