Three Ways To Gain More Time When You’re Strapped

Published On: September 15, 2019|Categories: Blog, Buyers, Credit, How-To, Mortgage & Home Loans, Mortgages, Moving, Moving & Packing, Selling, Tips|

We all have days, weeks, months or years when we are seriously pressed for time. This could be due to work, family life, stressors such as illness or caring for ill relatives, having young children, being in the middle of a move, or all of the above! There’s no doubt that sometimes life gets extremely difficult and it’s hard to find time to do the bare necessities: sleep, eat, and shower. If your life routinely is like this, it may be worth investigating why: Is your job too much? Can you reduce somewhere? Do you need to cut back on some obligations? No matter what the situation, there are a few things you can do to save time and get you through a particularly strapped phase in life.

Three Ways To Gain More Time When You’re Strapped

  • Order your gifts off Amazon
  • Have Your Groceries Delivered
  • Pay You Bills Automatically Online

Whether it’s birthdays or Christmas, you can’t go wrong with choosing a gift (or gift card) from Amazon or similar place, having it gift wrapped if wished, and even having a nice message of your choice attached.  They will then mail it to the recipient. Of course, you can choose to have everything mailed to you as well at Christmas, but it would be a huge time saver for it to be already gift wrapped and labelled!

Grocery delivery has become a big service and for good reason. Who wants the hassle of spending an hour of more fighting lines in the grocery store, not to mention the pain of bagging your groceries and loading and unloading them from the car. Virtually every grocery chain in a medium sized town or bigger delivers now for a nominal fee, and it’s wonderful to have to do nothing other than put things in your virtual cart (which it saves for your next visit, so you can select items that you use frequently). It will also show you the week’s specials, just like if you were shopping in a brick and mortar store, and coupons can still be used. The delivery fee is usually nominal, and some places have yearly subscriptions.

Signing up to pay your bills automatically online can save you lots of time, specifically if you schedule them to routinely be deducted from your bank account. This is only a good thing, of course, if you get paid predictable amounts at predictable intervals. Otherwise, it could be more of a nightmare than a blessing.

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