Three Ways To Be More Productive On The Weekends

Weekends are for fun and relaxation, a time to de-stress from the work week and spend some quality time with family and friends. However, for the majority of Americans, they are also the time when we need to get some things accomplished for the upcoming work week. If you have a long workday and/or heavy commute, chances are you aren’t getting a lot of housework or chores done during the week. At the same time, you don’t want to spend your entire weekend doing chores and having no fun. Here are three tried and true ideas to make your life both fun and productive on the weekend.

Three Ways To Be More Productive On Weekends

  • Pick a set amount of time to get chores accomplished
  • Schedule monthly chores
  • Be flexible if necessary

The first step to productivity is to recognize the tasks that need to be accomplished and setting aside a reasonable amount of time to get them done. You may be someone who wants to get everything accomplished on Friday night so that you have Saturday and Sunday available to just relax. This is fine, as long as it is something you can reasonably achieve. If you have seven loads of laundry to do, it may not be reasonable to expect it to be accomplished in one evening. Or it may be time to change your method and take all of it to the laundromat where you can get it all done at one time! If you plan and carve out specific times, you won’t be as annoyed when chores present themselves.

Some chores/errands are monthly. These would include: bill paying, certain household chores (such as cleaning baseboards, shopping for non-food essentials). If you belong to a club-type warehouse where you can buy essentials in big quantities, make a list and restock once a month. This will save you time during your week because you won’t need to stop at the store because you’re out of cat food or bleach.

While routines are important, life happens! Keep flexibility as a key feature in your mind. There’s always going to be times when things come up: people get ill, you go on vacation, etc. Learn to embrace change and go with the flow…the important thing is to get it done, not to stick to a rigid way of doing it. Productivity is about hanging in there for the long haul and learning to do things efficiently, but it is not always an exact science.

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