How To Stay Connected After A Move

It’s everyone’s dream and fear – discovering a new place, but having to leave an old place behind. Fortunately, it’s easier than ever to keep up with people across the miles, but it does take some effort. Whether you are moving one town over or to another country, you can maintain relationships with those you physically left behind. The first step is to ask yourself – is this a relationship I value and want to keep? A move can be a good time to purge our lives of toxic people and friendships, so don’t feel obligated to keep up with everyone. Cherished family, close friends, beloved old coworkers – those are the people you’ll want to make a conscientious effort to keep up with.

How To Stay Connected After A Move

  • Use social media for lighthearted things
  • Mail Christmas and Birthday Cards
  • Call a friend or family member once a week
  • Randomly text friends and family members

Social media is a great tool for sharing pictures of your new house or your child’s first day of school, but it should be used for information you’d only be comfortable with the entire world hearing. In other words, keep it light and not extremely personal. If you want to truly continue a relationship with people, you’ll need to contact them outside of social media.

Get a small pocket calendar to write down loved ones’ birthdays before you move. That way, you can mail a personal birthday card in good old fashioned snail mail. It will make both you and the receiver feel connected when you do, and you can buy cards in bulk.

Choose a friends or family member to call on the phone once a week. It doesn’t need to be long, and you can multitask – perhaps while cooking dinner or during that killer Friday evening commute (Bluetooth please!) You will head into the weekend feeling guilt-free and connected to what is happening back home and with people you love.

Text messaging is great for a simple “Good morning! Thinking of you!”. It is not appropriate for lengthy conversations or hard conversations because tone and inflection is often miscommunicated over text.

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