Three Hard Killers of Your House Sale

You’ve taken the plunge, and you’ve decide you’re going to do it – it’s time to sell your house! Maybe you are headed for a new job, or maybe you simply want a change, or some other circumstance has forced you to make this decision. Regardless, you’d like to your house to sell quickly and to get as much money out of it as possible. Nobody wants their home to sit for months on the market while the house is shown over and over. There’s a lot of determinants that go into how long your home will be on the market, and some of it is just luck. However, there are some killers of house sales, and we are going to talk about three major ones here.

Three Hard Killers of Your House Sale

  • Ugly Carpet
  • Home in Disrepair
  • Mold

Okay, maybe ugly is a harsh word, but…if it’s anything less than a neutral color, new, and extremely clean, your potential home buyer will view it as ugly. It may be in pristine shape because it’s had plastic on it and nobody has stepped foot on it, but if it’s shag carpet in lime green from the 1970s, most buyers will find this ugly. All buyers will find old, smelly, ripped, matted, stained and torn carpet ugly, regardless of the original color. See, we bet you’re cringing just reading it.

If your home is in disrepair – exposes wires, leaking faucets, termite invasion, water in the basement, etc., it’s going to be next to impossible to sell, and certainly not for the profit you were dreaming of. Yes, people do buy fixer-uppers, but they buy them at a fixer-upper price, which means your profit margin will be small, or even nothing. Take care of these problems.

Mold is a show stopper, and not in a good way. Real estate agents say they’ve seen many potential home buyer turn around and walk out of a showing after seeing a dark spot on a ceiling or a hit of mold in a bathroom. We admit it’s pretty gross, plus there’s the whole health factor, which can actually get so bad it can get your house condemned. Fortunately most people have manageable amounts of mold – usually in their crawlspace or basement – that can be mitigated with some bleach and fixing the cause (some type of leak.) Mold companies also take care of these issues, so if you see you have a problem, call one pronto.

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