Five Things To NEVER Flush Down Your Toilet

Few things are more inconvenient that an overflowing toilet, or more expensive to hire than a plumber. We’ve all probably had a horror story here or there, but odds are you’re probably flushing things down the toilet you really shouldn’t be. Save yourself the time, embarrassment and money and throw these things in the garbage!

Five Things To NEVER Flush Down Your Toilet

  • baby wipes
  • Menstrual Products
  • Dental Floss
  • Medication
  • Paper Towels

Baby wipes, even the flushable kind, are not meant to be flushed down the toilet. They are thick and heavy for a reason (to wipe a baby’s behind!) and therefore they will take forever to break down in water, increasing your risk of a clog.

Menstrual products – EVEN tampons – belong in the trash, not the toilet. They are made of absorbent material that literally holds liquid, and will also take forever to break down in water.

Dental floss is a recipe for disaster – it gets tangled up like a net and can actually form one in your pipes and drains and/or septic tank, catching all kinds of stuff and causing a clog. Yuck.

Medications should not be flushed down the toilet because even though a lot of our waste can be purified and makes its way back into the environment, by-products of medications linger and linger. They can’t be filtered. They can turn toxic, and can harm wildlife and even people.

Paper towels are designed to hold up under water and pressure instead of degrade. Throw them in the trash before you get a major clog.

The only thing that should be flushed down your toilet is water, human waste, and toilet tissue. The thinner the toilet tissue, the better,

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