How To Make Your Bathtub Look New Again

There’s few things more exciting that finding a cheap and quirky way to solve an age-old problem, and it’s safe to say that cleaning a bathtub is an age-old problem. It shouldn’t be, right? Plenty of water there – no problem. You wash yourself in it daily, so exactly what is the problem?

Soap. Soap is the problem, combined with the oils of your body. It produces something called soap scum, and it’s really quite ugly. It’s dull, and can be slimy, and very difficult to remove. There are many cleaners marketed to prevent and remove it, and some of them may work, but the problem is that they are pretty expensive.

The other problem is the actual work involved. Elbow grease is not a misnomer…you better have a lot of it. And a good back while you’re at it. In fact, we think it should count as an aerobic exercise to thoroughly scrub the bathtubs in your home. You’re certainly going to feel accomplished and like you’ve had a huge workout when you are finished. That can be awesome, but sometimes we don’t have the time or energy for all that. Guests are coming, and the bathtub is GROSS. What can we do to quickly solve this problem?

How To Make Your Bathtub Look New Again

  • Dawn Dish Soap
  • A Clean Broom (Yes, broom, as in, sweep the floor)

Hear us out…we were skeptical ourselves. Then we were desperate one day and tried it. Voila! Never going back. Simply squirt a generous amount of dawn dish liquid all over your bathtub (without turning on the water). Then, take the broom and swirl and sweep that soap all over the tub and sides of your bathtub. We suggest you get a cheap broom dedicated to just this cause, because it’s a worthy one. Wait a few minutes and allow the dish soap to do its grease-dissolving magic, then thoroughly rinse your bathtub of all soap. You will have a pristine tub and a back that’s not aching.  Yay for weird and quirky tips that work!

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