Creating A Butterfly Garden In Tampa

People across the nation are building butterfly gardens to help save these beautiful pollinators, but South Florida is one of the easiest and best places to plant a butterfly garden to experience butterflies year-round. A really successful butterfly garden appeals to butterflies at every stage of their life. If you want a tidy garden, this probably isn’t for you though. A successful garden provides a complete habitat for them and it also doesn’t include the use of most pesticides.

Because you won’t be using pesticides in your Tampa butterfly garden, you will also be providing a habitat for other insects, so most people prefer spacing these gardens slightly away from their homes. Butterflies have their own unique host plants depending on their species. So, while many people think that planting milkweed will appeal to all butterflies, the monarchs are the ones most attracted to it. You can plant other plants to attract different types of butterflies.

For example, passion vine, which is the perfect plant for Tampa will attract the Gulf fritillary butterfly and fennel and dill will attract black swallowtails. Planting cassia flowers will attract sulphur butterflies. Figuring out which plants are the host plants for the butterflies you want to see fluttering around your yard can help you plan your butterfly garden.

Complete Butterfly Habitat

A complete butterfly habit will also include places for butterflies to sun themselves and rest. High spots made of stone are perfect for this. The perfect habitat will also have low spots to hold tiny puddles for butterflies to drink from and absorb salts. One way to accomplish this is with a shallow dish filled with pebbles or sand that has been filled only to the top of the rocks or sand with water. That way, it doesn’t attract other animals and the watering spot is reserved for your butterflies. The perfect habitat will also provide hiding spaces from hungry birds and shelter from the winds. Consider planting your garden along a hedgerow or a shed on the opposite side of the direction the wind comes from on your property.

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