Three Bold Colors To Paint Your Kitchen

When you are considering what colors to paint a house, you will hear a lot of very accurate advice that neutral is where it’s at, particularly if you are trying to sell: white, cream, light yellow and all shades of gray are consider safe and appealing to almost everyone because they won’t clash with furniture and most people don’t have strong negative reactions about neutrals. It’s still wise to paint the majority of your home a neutral shade if you want to put it on the market. However, one room you may wish to go a bit more bold with is the kitchen. Long regarded as a warm and inviting place where families gather for body and soul nourishment, kitchens are culturally one of the most important rooms in a house and often people love a statement room. If you’re the daring type, and want to make your house stand out in a sea of neutrality, there are three bold colors that work well in the kitchen.

Three Bold Colors To Paint Your Kitchen

  • Yellow
  • Red
  • Green

A very pale yellow is still considered on the neutral size, but a goldenrod yellow can really brighten and liven your cooking area right up! Studies have shown that bold yellows actually make people feel more cheerful, so yellow is an exciting color that works well in a kitchen, but wouldn’t work so well in a bedroom. If you aren’t certain about painting the whole kitchen yellow, consider an accent wall, and also the insides of your cabinets. You can also choose bright yellow rugs and kitchen appliances – such as blenders and stand alone mixers – to complete your look.

Red is perhaps the boldest color choice of all, but it is frequently utilized in kitchen. The color red is said to actually induce hunger, and it also conveys warmth and liveliness. If you’re not crazy about bright red, consider a cranberry shade, or even a red with pink undertones, such as a raspberry. It’s even possible to purchase stoves and refrigerators in red hues, so you could take this look far. Red pairs well with white and black accessories, and can either serve as a retro or modern theme.

Green is another great choice for kitchens – although grass green will probably come off as preschool-like, a mint shade, especially paired with wooden accents, lends an inviting tone to gather and enjoy the harvest. This would also be a great choice if you have a lot of plants and likely a lot of greenery or have an herb garden in your window. Hunter green is probably too dark of a color for the kitchen, but a few rugs in a hunter green shade when paired with mint walls will give a modern, chic look. Get creatively colorful with your kitchen today!

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