How to Develop a Good Moving Strategy

Developing Your Moving Strategy Tampa Bay Homes for SaleMoving can be hectic, tiresome and stressful, so if you’re like most people, you want to make it as easy as you can on yourself and your family.

So can you really make it easier, or do you just have to grin and bear it?

Divide and Conquer: The Ultimate Moving Strategy

Most people facing a big move find that breaking down huge tasks into smaller, more manageable ones makes moving a little less stressful.

In order to do that for yourself, look at everything that you need to accomplish:

  • Find packing supplies
  • Pack
  • Hire movers or rent a truck
  • Change your address

Unquestionably, the biggest task you have ahead of you is to pack.

How to Make Packing Easier

Six weeks before you move, go through every room in the house. Figure out what you need and don’t need – now is a great time to pare down on your belongings. Whether you choose to donate items you don’t want or have a yard sale to pocket a little extra cash, it’s a good idea to trim down; each thing you get rid of now is one less thing you’ll have to pack and move when the time comes.

When you’re a month out from the big day, start thinking about whether you’ll hire a moving company or you’ll rent a moving truck and handle the heavy labor yourself. Make a reservation with the company of your choice (the sooner, the better).

Fill out your change of address form with the USPS, as well. You can change your address online in exchange for a small fee.

You can also start packing as soon as you’re ready. Start with things you won’t miss and, as the weeks progress, move on to things that you use more frequently.

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