Herbs that Deter Unwanted Wildlife and Domestic Animals

Many people work hard on their yard and garden, only to find it had been destroyed by the local deer or rabbit population or the neighbor’s cat. This is frustrating, and barrier fences don’t always work well. It can be a challenge to keep animals at bay without harming them, but there are herbs that can be planted near your home that may help with this. They are natural deterrents that keep away unwanted animal life and are safe for both humans and animals. Not to mention, they may look lovely and increase your home’s curbside appeal!

If you’re having a problem with bugs and beetles eating your roses, you may want to consider planting garlic, chives, leeks, and spearmint alongside your rose bushes. These herbs are harmless but have a very strong taste that most insects don’t like.

Basil is great to plant next to tomatoes as it naturally deters insects and some wildlife. It can also be used in the cooking of tomatoes so it has dual functionality.

Many herbs that humans think smell wonderful – such as lavender, oregano, dill, sage and spearmint, are very distasteful to deer and keep them at bay. The more of these you plant, the stronger their odor. As a plus, most can be used in cooking.

Garlic may act as rabbit repellent, so plant it in adequate amounts around your garden. Rabbits especially love lettuce leaf, so a hedge of garlic may protect your young leafy plants.

Coleus Canina is a plant that may strong deter the neighbor’s cat. It is an annual bedding plant that produces small purple flowers and is pleasing to the human eye, but cats generally dislike it. Cats also dislike the herbs lavender, lemongrass and citronella grass in strategic places in your yard. Cats also dislike the beautiful and brightly colored geranium plant because it has a sharp odor.

Another idea is to plant catnip – which cats love – in a strategic place away from your porch or front flower bed – perhaps at the edge of your property. This won’t deter cats, but it will distract them to that area and probably keep them busy for long periods of time, so they won’t be as likely to find their way to your garden or flowerbeds. Catnip is easy to grow so plant it liberally in areas you are not worried about cats rolling and frolicking in.



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