Florida Residents Are The Freest In The Nation, According To Cato Institute Study

Published On: March 3, 2019|Categories: Buyers, Health & Wellness, Senior Living|

The State of Florida has been awarded the title of the freest state in the nation. Yes, a study out of the Cato Institute declared that top honors for being the freest country in the United States goes to Florida. Why? Because Florida’s public policies “promote freedom in the fiscal, regulatory, and personal freedom spheres,” the Washington-based think tank claims. The state earned seven Top-10 rankings and four number one rankings.

The State of Florida ranked number one in these four categories:

  • Overall
  • Fiscal
  • Economic
  • Cable

The research is part of the edition entitled, “Freedom in the 50 States,” produced by the Cato Institute. The co-authors had this to say about the state”

“Florida’s leaders have largely avoided restrictive policies that have harmed economic growth in other states while making opportunity-enhancing reforms that have benefited current residents and the hundreds flocking to the state each day.”

The ranking system examined the state and local government interventions across more than 230 policy variables in 25 categories. Categories included the following:

  • Taxation
  • Marriage laws
  • Regulatory policies
  • Victimless crime enforcement
  • Property insurance affordability

It went on to say that Florida has made huge strides toward protecting liberty, limiting government intrusion and promoting economic prosperity.

“It’s why more than $156 billion in annual income has migrated from high tax states like New York [which ranked worst] to Florida,” the author wrote. Florida actually scored first in fiscal policy!

“Florida does especially well on economic freedom, especially on fiscal policy,” the co-authors wrote. “Regulatory policy is improved but mediocre in comparison to the fiscal side. Florida’s personal freedom has lagged in the past; however, it has improved a lot over the past two years.”

Plus, Florida’s state taxes are over a standard deviation below the national average! The state has a lower than average government debt, high educational freedom, and much more.


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