Five Indoor Plants That Are Totally Low Maintenance

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Adding some plants to your indoor living space isn’t just pretty, it’s good for you. Plants increase the amount of oxygen in the air and they can improve mood with their beauty. Some plants are easier to grow than others, and in today’s busy world, nobody has much time to cater to the needs of indoor plants. Fortunately, you don’t need to! There are many plants that are gorgeous and flourish wish very minimal care.

Five Low Maintenance Indoor Plants                               

  • Pothos
  • Aloe
  • English Ivy
  • Jade Plant
  • Spider Plant

Pothos grow well in a variety of room temperatures and literally purify the air of toxins. They have beautiful trailing stems that can grow up to eight feet long but can handle being cut back often and easily to suit your style and tastes. These plants handle drought fairly well and don’t need a vast amount of light.

Aloe is a favorite because not only is it pretty – it is also useful! Who doesn’t want to keep a living burn treatment around? It’s also a succulent, so it likes rather dry conditions and room temperatures that are on the cool side. Bigger versions of this plant can reach three feet high which can make for some exciting visual contrast.

English Ivy is easy to grow and beautiful. In fact, Ivy is considered an invasive plant in many areas, which means it’s far better to keep it inside and in a pot so that it won’t grow rapidly and choke out indigenous outdoor vegetation. It requires a little sun and a little water, but little else to thrive. It can be repotted in larger pots if need be, and likes to trail up windows, or things as desired.

Jade plants offer the look of a succulent and the versatility of a plant that will likely live for decades. It prefers a drier soil that needs some sun but can tolerate half shade as well. This is a plant that could move with you to several locations and do wonderfully. If you’re looking for high versatility, this is the right plant for you!

Spider plants are totally cool and easy to grow. Watch them grow their “spin off” spider babies – which you can either continue, or re-pot, or gift to a friend! These plants became famous in the 1970s, but their easy care and high visual interest kept them going for decades.

For optimal indoor beauty, give all five a try!