How To Paint A Room

One of the easiest ways to transform and freshen the interior of your home is to paint it, and it is relatively inexpensive and requires relatively little skill. It does require some basic tools and a little patience, or you can easily find a mess on your hands.

Things You Will Need To Paint A Room

  • spackle or putty
  • Primer
  • Paintbrush
  • Paint roller
  • Painting tape
  • sand paper
  • Canvas Drop Cloths
  • Paint Grid
  • Extension Pole

The color you choose is up to you, but some things to keep in mind is whether you are painting the home to sell or keep. If it’s to sell, a neutral color like sand, beige, off-white. light yellow, or another neutral is a safe bet. If it’s for your own tastes. choose what you desire but remember that darker colors tend to make a room look smaller.

After you choose your color. choose a primer, particularly if you’re painting over a dark color or water spots. Thoroughly clean the walls, making sure to get rid of dust, spiderwebs and dirt. Fill in any cracks with putty or spackle and then allow tro dry, generally overnight. Sand these areas down until they are smooth with the wall.

You will now need to apply painter’s tape to the place where the wall meets the ceiling so that you will have a crisp line of paint. Don’t skimp on this step, it is important for a neat appearance. Drop canvas drop cloths where you will be working to absorb any spills. Plastic is cheaper, but it is also dangerous because it is slick. Canvas absorbs paint, can be laundered, and used again and again.

As you begin to pain, use long strokes with your roller, careful not to spread paint to thickly or thinly. You will need to “cut in” hard to roll places with a small paint brush. Use the extension pole to paint the ceiling instead of a ladder; it’s safer. Allow plenty of time for the room to dry (preferably with open windows) before you reattach fixtures or hang paintings.

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