5 Types of Shrubbery Perfect For Florida

Most shrubbery is evergreen, which means its can handle some seriously cold winters. That’s not a problem in Florida – but what about areas where it’s very warm with tropical temperatures and high humidity? The fact is, the right balance of shrubbery can make or break your outside curb appeal. You need some low lying shrub and some taller, tree-like shrubbery for the right balance. So let’s take a look at what shrubs will fit the bill for Florida. A little color and flowering complete the perfect charm you seek to give your yard some warmth and personality.

5 Types of Shrubbery Perfect For Florida

  • Azalea
  • Bird of Paradise
  • Cape Jasmine
  • Firespike
  • Knock Out Rose

Azalea is a winner in Florida and in points north as well, but Azalea tends to bloom more frequently in Florida. You can expect this bush-like flowering shrub to grow four to six feet high. They do prefer some sun and come in shades of pink, purple, white, and deep red. It thrives in moist soil so it can handle Florida’s rainy season without problem, and requires little care.

Bird of Paradise is a unique flowering shrub that is perfect for Florida. It has a beautiful orange hue and is literally shaped like a bird in flight – the perfect addition to your outdoor landscape and a shrub that is sure to amaze those that are not from the area. The flowers appear on and off all year long. There is also a white variation that is more rare, and can grow to epic heights that novice gardeners should probably not attempt (as it would tower over their house!)

Cape Jasmine just sounds lovely, doesn’t it? And it is. It has glossy leaves similar to a gardenia, and can grow large in width, showcasing small white flowers It also has a sweet, mild fragrance that birds and bees are attracted to – a plus for those who love the perks of pollination! It flowers heavily in spring and blooms in summer and early autumn. It’s great to use when you need to fill wide gaps.

Firespike lives up to its ambitious name with its striking burst of red, upright plants that is a favorite of hummingbirds and one of South Florida’s oldest plants. It is a good fit for large and small flowerbeds alike with a casual, cottage-like appeal. There is also a purple variety is you’re longing for more adventure in your yard, but red is native and seems a bit more hardy for withstanding high temperatures.

Knock Out Roses are popular everywhere in the country, and that’s because they are beautiful and grow large with very little care. Rose -growing in steamy south Florida is usually a problem, but not with the Knock Out Rose! Most roses don’t care for lots of rain and succumb to leaf and root rot in Florida, but not this variation. It does well with minimal care and frequently needs pruned back because it’s a fast grower. It comes in colors of white, pink, red and yellow, and this rosebush may very well outlive you!

There are many more shrubs that you can choose to line your flowerbeds, surround your pool, edge your driveway, grow along your garage or surround your mailbox, but these five are a sample that with a tried and true mix of tropical Florida mixed with a general whimsical vintage-American appeal. Whether you’re enjoying home ownership or fixing up your place to sell, why not pick out a few at your local nursery and plant some today? You will reap the rewards for many years with almost no care at all – let Mother Nature do the work! Few things are more inviting than an interesting yard, so don’t be afraid to let your creative side blossom.

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