Five Most Important Tips For Selling Your House

There’s a million things you can do to sell your house, but most people don’t have the time, money or energy to invest thousands of dollars and months of time. Fortunately, you likely don’t need to – and if you’re in a real bind, you can always sell your home as is. This is not recommended because a few very minor improvements will likely get you thousands of dollars in payoff, so unless you’re a millionaire, it just makes sense to invest a little time and effort into selling your home.

Five Most Important Tips For Selling Your Home

  • Take care of major landscape issues
  • Clear away clutter
  • Give the whole house a fresh coat of paint
  • Hire a real estate agent with an excellent track record
  • Take Excellent Photos

You don’t need to build a bridge and install a mini fountain, but cut the grass, trim the bushes and dump a few bags of mulch in the flower beds. Power-wash your deck and porch if you have time, and wash your windows. First impressions matter, and the outside is the first impression.

Nobody in this world (save for a few hoarders) likes clutter, especially people who are trying to imagine themselves living in your space. Unfortunately, they want to see your storage areas too, so that means you can’t dump everything in closets, a garage, or the attic. What you can do is temporarily rent a storage unit and take everything you don’t currently need or use – including furniture – there. Papers, mail, personal heirlooms, family photos, everything should be stored. Ideally, your house should look as close to a hotel room as possible – the basics, clean, bright, orderly, with some bright splashes of color (such as a vase of fresh flowers) or a piece of interesting artwork here or there. The piles of dirty shoes by the door have to go somewhere they won’t be discovered. This maximizes your chances of selling. This is definitely the most challenging aspect of having your home on the market.

Give your entire house a fresh coat of paint – in a neutral color. Beige, off white, pale yellow, and soft grays are sure bets. These coordinate well with most people’s furniture and décor and are offensive to almost nobody. Plus, they maximize the appearance of room space, giving the house a bright and airy appeal.

Hire a real estate agent with a great track record – he or she can troubleshoot big problems and help you solve them, and they can play up your home’s best features (that you may not even be aware of.) They are also masters of laws about selling, so you don’t need to stress about things regarding that.

Make sure you take photographs (or have your home professionally photographed) after all of the above are completed. The right pictures will be done in the correct lighting and at angles that are flattering and give your home an appeal of space, character and warmth, while downplaying any less than perfect parts. The more pictures the better, usually – people love to peruse dozens of photos, multiples of the same room at different angles, and be sure to include photos of the property from all angles as well. Take advantage of seasonal delights – if it’s close to autumn and you have time, take the photos when your sugar maples are in their most brilliant fall display of reds and oranges.

These tips are guaranteed to help you get the most money out of your home! Happy selling!

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