Why Do Some Lenders Reject Short Sales?

why do some lenders reject short sales

Lenders aren’t under any obligation to approve a short sale—and often, they don’t.

So what’s the deal? Don’t the banks want to sell these houses to avoid a bigger loss?

There’s no simple answer to this question; sometimes they do, and sometimes they’re willing to take a gamble.

Why Do Lenders Sometimes Reject Short Sales?

There are plenty of reasons a lender would reject a short sale, including:

  • The offer price is too low. Banks typically request an appraisal, and the listing agent should include a comparative market analysis to show why the offer price is justified. The lender doesn’t have to agree.
  • The seller doesn’t qualify for a short sale. The seller needs to create a hardship letter to explain why they’re asking for debt forgiveness, but the lender doesn’t have to accept it.
  • The buyer doesn’t qualify for the purchase. Like any other home purchase, the buyer must qualify under their own lender’s conditions.
  • The bank sold the loan. Sometimes the bank that originally held the mortgage sells it; in that case, the lender doesn’t have the authority to approve the short sale.

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