What Are Barometric Flue Dampers & How Do They Save Money?

Published On: April 16, 2019|Categories: Tampa|

Barometric Flue Dampers are devices that you can have installed in the flue that is found between some homes’ boilers and chimneys. They regulate the flow of air as it goes up the chimney. It controls the draft inside the boiler if the home has a boiler with a Category I vent.

So, heat causes air to rise. We know this. As the heated air from the boiler rises up the chimney, it gets replaced by cooler air below. The flow of air is called a draft and the speed of this draft is actually affected by lots of things. The speed can be affected by temperatures both inside and outside, wind, and the burner firing rate. Plus, it can be affected by barometric conditions. If the draft is too speedy, the heated air doesn’t get enough time to be transferred to the boiler.

When the draft moves too quickly it can waste a lot of energy. A good Barometric Flue Damper can conserve energy and lower your bill by as much as five percent! This is for a device that costs less than $100 to install, so it’s totally worth it! Leave this to the professionals though, because fuels of different types require dampers of different types!

Barometric Damper

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