Basic Home Staging Tips That Most Sellers Can Do On Their Own

If you just don’t have the money for a home stager, there are some basic things that you, as a Tampa homeowner listing a house, can do to stage your home. These home staging tips are very easy but can go a long way.

Tip #1: Add fresh flowers around the home. Be sure to remove all dried floral displays, because it feels stagnant. While the dried flowers from a special day mean the world to you, they mean nothing to the potential home buyer. Fresh flowers tell buyers that life thrives in this home.

Tip #2: Many of us have furniture pushed up against walls. This give is more walking space. But for home staging, this is not ideal. Home buyers want to be able to look at the condition of walls. Also, it improves the feel of the room.

Tip #3: Put light bulbs in all light sockets. Don’t leave a socket without a light bulb. If you do this, the buyer might assume that there is something wrong with that connection.

Tip #4: Clean and declutter! We mean, clean and declutter everywhere. Closets, under the sink, the basement. Everything. Clean the whole home, and declutter all areas.

Tip #5: Clean all windows and mirrors well and keep them clean.

Tip #6: Take a good fresh look at your walls. They need a fresh coat of paint, don’t they? Unless you recently painted, the answer is probably yes. A fresh coat of paint can drastically improve the look of your home.

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