Three Ways To Tidy Your Home In Half An Hour

Maybe you just found out the in-laws are stopping by, or maybe you are selling your home and find out from your agent there’s a showing in half an hour. Where on earth do you begin? There’s dirty dishes on the counter, the mail is overflowing on the table, and the bathroom hasn’t been cleaned in a few days. What’s most import, and where do you start? It can be tempting to throw your hands up in the air in and walk away, but a better solution is to learn some tried and true clutter control and feel confident that you are able to get your home cleaned up on a moment’s notice.

Three Ways To Tidy Your Home In Half An Hour

  • Grab a Garbage Bag
  • Make the Beds And Hang Up The Towels
  • Put Dishes In The Dishwasher and Sweep The Floor

You won’t be able to get everything done in thirty minutes, so start with the most important. Grab a trash bag and go from room to room, throwing away trash, emptying garbage cans, old mail, soda cans, nearly empty shampoo bottles, that brochure left in the door today – give it all a pitch and take the trash out. While you’re at it, take out the full garbage can in the kitchen too, especially if it’s stinky. Spray the can down with Lysol, and while you’re at it, light a fresh smelling candle.

Make the beds and straighten pillows on couches. Fold up blankets, and straighten rugs. Throw any clothes on the floor in the laundry bin or empty clothes washer. Fold towels nicely, and make sure you don’t have too many slung over shower curtains – it looks messy. Throw them in the washer, or in the dirty clothes. Give the toilet bowel and swirl with bleach while you’re in the bathroom, and clear all the makeup away into a drawer or basket. Make sure the shower curtain is closed. If possible, open the window in the bathroom a bit for some fresh air.

Now it’s time to tackle the kitchen. Put all dirty dishes in the dishwasher, and pour a little bleach down the drain to eliminate odors. Quickly scour the sink and make it shine. If you have time, run a rag with cleaning solution over the stove and counters so that they are gleaming. End by quickly sweeping the floor and spot-mopping any trouble areas. Of course, if you have animals, make sure the litterbox is clean and their beds are fresh. Now you’re ready for company!

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