Three Ways To Add Charm To Your Laundry Room

Many people hate to do laundry. Some of that may be less to do with laundry and more with the chaotic space that they are forced to be in while they do laundry. Laundry rooms tend to be catch-all rooms for junk can quickly become disorganized. Plus, the often lack the character and décor that often accompanies other areas of the house. They are often starkly utilitarian in comparison, and being in one just doesn’t feel very homey. This is easy to change without much money and just a little creativity!

Three Ways To Add Charm To Your Laundry Room

  • Hang Family Photos and other special items
  • Use special containers for Detergent and Fabric Softener
  • Keep it Simple

A few well-placed, framed family photos can add whimsy to your laundry room – especially some old family photos. Have some old family photos of your parents you can restore and put in an antique frame? It will fill you with good memories to look at your family photos while you do laundry.

Nobody wants to stare at bright orange plastic containers or cardboard boxes. It’s much prettier to use big mason jars or crocks to store detergent, and it smells divine! You can use a simple shelving system purchased at your local discounter store, or paint a few 4×4 wooden boards white and mount them.  Search for pretty containers at antique stores, estate sales, etc. You can recycle the original packaging – and no more guessing when you are running low!

Try to keep your laundry room stream-lined and simple. A small table, some hooks, a shelf, perhaps a chair for a child or spouse to sit in while they talk to you or help you with laundry – that’s all that should be in there. If it’s over-crowded with Christmas decorations, tools that have no home, clothes that never get put away – of course you’re not going to want to go in there. Keep it clean and pleasing to the eye, and your laundry room may feel like an oasis in your otherwise busy home.

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