Three Things To Do On A Rainy Day

Sometimes it’s a disappointment to wake up on your day off and realize there’s a torrential downpour outside. Sure, you have a long list of chores you could do, but you were looking for a break and a “Pick me up” kind of activity. Fortunately, there’s some awesome things to do inside that will leave you feeling great about the day you spent instead of like it was a day wasted. Some of them are probably things you’ve been needing to do anyway, but kept putting off. Put them off no longer – it’s a great day to do them!

Three Things To Do On A Rainy Day

  • Organize a closet
  • Call some friends/relatives you haven’t spoken to in a while
  • Scour the internet for your dream home

We all have one closet that usually needs tackled – it’s teeming with clothes that don’t fit, one shoe lost, outdated medicine, etc. Whatever type it is, get started! Make sure you have two distinctive piles 1) What you’re getting rid of and 2) What you’re going to keep. A good rule of thumb for clothing and linens are – if you haven’t used or worn them in the past year and they have no sentimental value, it’s time to donate them! You’ll likely find some things you had forgotten you had and can refresh your wardrobe without spending money, or throw some forgotten-about sheets on the bed! If you’re cleaning out a medicine cabinet, anything that is expired should go, but don’t flush medicines down the toilet, because it can contaminate local water supplies. Instead throw them in the trash. If you’re really concerned, you can call your health department to find out how to dispose old medicine (like narcotics or sleep aids).

It’s been way too long since you’ve spoken to an aunt/uncle or your best friend from college, but you have so much to tell them that you’ve put it off because it will take an hour or more. Now is the time! You can even plan calls in half in hour blocks and try to stick to a schedule to get all of the calls done in one day. You will feel so accomplished and uplifted when the calls are finished! It may be smart to jot down some notes beforehand – children to ask about, or funny memories to bring up that will bring a laugh. This rainy day will leave multiple people, including you, feeling great!

Whether you are planning a move in your future or not, it never hurts to dream! Get online and search for real estate near you and far – you will lose yourself in the pictures and landscapes of homes across the country or even across the globe! If you are truly in the market, get serious and narrow your search to your price range and area, and be sure to follow up by booking a tour with a real estate agent. While you’re looking, jot down your “must-haves” – a two car garage? Inground pool? Bonus room? Whatever your desires are, now is the time to get them down on paper and find listings that correlate with what you’ve been dreaming of and discover if it’s financially feasible. You may be very pleasantly surprised at what is out there. Don’t forget to scope out homes for sale very near you that are similar to your home so that you have an idea about how much your home might sell for. It’s a guesstimate, but it’s lots of fun and it might get you excited about the process!





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