Three Lawn Care Issues To Address In Florida in Fall

Fall in Florida is a great time to address outside issues – the temperature is moderate and the torrential rains have lessened. Even in places where trees and lawns stay evergreen, they can undergo changes that makes them vulnerable to pests, blight, and disease. Now is the time, when you’re out of the blistering sun, to enjoy some time outdoors and give your shrubs, gardens and trees a little tender loving care. You’ll be glad you day when the next rainy growth season begins because you will be rewarded with lusher grass, fuller fruit trees, and more blossoms on your blossoming shrubbery.

Three Lawn Care Issues To Address Florida in Fall

  •  Time bushes/trees back
  •  Fertilize Your Lawn
  •  Plant Grass seed, if needed

Fall is the right time to cut back fruit trees and rose bushes, severely in some  instances. If your trees or flowers have been spindly and not producing well for the past summer season, it’s time for a serious pruning. This will encourage dramatic growth and make the trees and bushes lusher and more likely to bear fruit in the spring. It seems counterintuitive, but any experienced gardener will tell you it is the key to success!

Now that the blazing hot days of dizzying double digits are mostly over, it’s safe to fertilize your lawn without the risk of burning the grass. You should always follow directions (or hire a landscaper to do it) but fall is the right time because there’s unlikely to be drought from heat or major run off from downpour. Come spring, your green lush lawn will thank you!

If you have bare spots in your yard, now may be the best time to tackle them in Florida. The lower temperatures allow for new grass sprouts to keep from drying up, and there’s less likely to be massive rain that washes all the seed away. Rain that falls in autumn if more likely to be gentle, which encourages growth of new grass, and because you won’t be cutting your grass as much, there’s little temptation to mow over the newly sprouted grass. Make sure your soil is fertile and good for grass seed – hard, sun-baked earth will not easily accept seedlings, so you may need to run the sprinkler for several days before you plant, and place straw overtop the newly seeded grass to protect it from the birds.

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