Tampa Bay Millennial Homebuyers Want Green Tech

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Millennial homebuyers make up the largest group of homebuyers right now, so it’s important to consider what they need when preparing to sell your Tampa Bay home. One of the easiest ways to attract Millennial homebuyers is with green technology.

When replacing your thermostat, don’t just replace it with a programmable thermostat. Consider upgrading to a thermostat that can be controlled by a mobile device. Millennials are usually on the go. Green technology that can be remotely controlled is a big selling point.

If you have heavy drapes or old blinds on the windows, replace them with solar powered blinds that automatically adjust to the location of the sun. Even more impressive than blinds controlled by the sun are blinds that capture energy from the sun. Check out these energy generating blinds:

Any kind of newer technology that conserves energy or is a greener option is a hit with Millennial homebuyers. If your air conditioning is on its way out, look into ductless minisplits that use evaporative cooling instead of freon. These minispilts completely avoid ductwork which means the cool air goes directly to the room and rooms can be controlled individually saving even more energy. Replacing appliances with newer energy efficient stainless models is absolutely worth the investment.

If you can get into a green mindset when upgrading your home, you can attract more Millennials to your home and you will be more likely to sell your home faster and for more.


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