Millennial Homebuyers Want Unique Qualities In A Tampa Bay Home

Millennials are flooding to Tampa as first-time buyers because they are looking for affordable homes with particular qualities. Millennials tend to do more research and have specific qualities that they are looking for in a home. They are willing to go over budget if they find the right home. They are actually looking for smaller homes than their predecessors. A 1,200 foot home in Tampa is plenty suitable if the floorplan is open and if there is outdoor living space.

Millennials’ Flooring Choices

Inside, they prefer dark flooring, but they don’t want dark carpet. They are more likely to have pets, and don’t want to battle with dog hair all day, for starters. If they do have carpet, they tend to vacuum the carpet at least daily. They are also health conscious and know that carpeting harbors dust, dirt, mold spores and other allergens. If you want to impress a Millennial with floors, choose a dark luxury vinyl plank flooring that is completely waterproof and simulates the look of genuine hardwood. Besides for actual hardwood, this is one of the few flooring choices that will actually increase the value of a room.

In the kitchen and bathrooms, you can please a Millennial buy installing a dark, quality, textured vinyl sheet that simulates the look of rocks or tile if you don’t want to install actual tile. Millennials are even impressed by actual stained and sealed concrete floors. They’d choose a decorative concrete flooring surface over carpet any day.

Millennials’ Wall Color Choices

Millennials prefer light colored walls with dark accents. They don’t generally prefer stark white, but rather light greys, cream, etc. If you have wallpaper, you’ll need to remove it. Millennials are smart buyers who see wallpaper as the chance to cover up water damage, rot, mold, or other imperfections. They also don’t have the time or the desire to remove the wallpaper and they certainly don’t want it on there to stay. If you have walls made of mirrors, those simply must go. Removing mirrors that have been glued up can leave tears in the drywall. An easy option is to install wooden walls. When it comes to wooden walls, they enjoy reclaimed barn wood with a light stain and eco-friendly choices like bamboo.

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