How to Use Mirrors to Stage Your Home

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How to Use Mirrors to Stage Your Home

When you’re selling your home in Tampa Bay, your real estate agent might suggest that you hire a professional stager. But if that’s not in the cards (rather, the budget) for you, you can work wonders in your own space.

Here’s how to use mirrors to make your home look bigger, brighter and better.

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How to Use Mirrors to Stage Your Home

Using mirrors to stage your home isn’t that tricky if you know what you’re doing. Think of it this way:

  • Large mirrors can make rooms look much larger than they really are
  • Mirrored backsplashes are unique (but tough to maintain in the cleaning department, so make sure you consider that)
  • A vignette of mirrors can be a tremendous style statement

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So how do you use mirrors to decorate and make your home look more appealing? Follow these tips:

  • Place mirrors across from attractive scenery. If you have a beautiful bay window, a mirror directly across from it will reflect light and bring that pretty landscape right into your living space.
  • Use big mirrors on small walls. The more of the wall they take up, the better (in most cases). You can use leaning mirrors where they’ll fit, or use wall-mounted mirrors where floor space is at a premium.
  • Pick a style, any style. Mirrors come with all kinds of frames, from vintage and retro styles to modern and industrial ones.

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For an even more powerful style statement, hang a mirror with a light-colored frame against a dark wall. The dramatic effect it creates – both from the contrasting frame and the light it reflects – will make a huge difference in your space.

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