How to Get Your Security Deposit Back When You Stop Renting

How to Get Your Security Deposit Back When You Stop Renting and Buy a Home in the Tampa Bay Area

When you’re making the transition from renting to buying, you know that your landlord probably owes you your security deposit back.

But in order for your landlord to release the funds, you have to return the property to its original condition.

So what can you do to ensure that you get your security deposit back when you move out? After all, it’s going to come in very handy when it comes time to pay closing costs or put up a down payment for your new home in the Tampa Bay area.

3 Ways to Ensure You Get Your Security Deposit Back

In all fairness, you’ll have to start preparing to get your security deposit back the moment you move in. Make sure you’re careful with the walls (you can use poster putty and removable hooks to make sure you’re not putting holes in the walls, for example) and the floors, and make sure you document everything with photos when you move in. (Your landlord could ding you for anything that’s outside of “normal wear-and-tear,” which is pretty subjective to begin with.)

What else can you do?

Security Deposit Tip #1: Clean EVERYTHING

Make sure you do a deep-cleaning around the home once your stuff is out. It may even be worth hiring a professional maid service for a day—especially if you don’t have time to clean it all yourself.

Security Deposit Tip #2: Move Out When Your Roommates Do

There are two ways to look at this, depending on what types of roommates you have. If they’re neat as a pin, you’ll be leaving all the final cleaning to them; if they’re slobs, you’ll be shouldering most of the cleaning burden. Make sure you’re all scheduled to move out on the same day to avoid problems.

Security Deposit Tip #3: Replace and Repair as Necessary

If you have a burned-out lightbulb, replace it. Fill the nail holes, repaint little scuffs, and handle other minor repairs wherever they’re cost-effective and feasible.

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