5 Tips For a Great Home Office

Whether you work from home or just spend some time paying bills there, a home office is a nice addition to any home. If you’re selling a home, remember that more people than ever are working from home, so many potential buyers appreciate seeing a beautiful office space. While everyone has different tastes, there are some tried and true ideas that are sure to make any space gorgeous.


5 Tips For a Great Home Office

  • Location, location, location
  • Paint the walls a color you love
  • Make the most of any natural light
  • A room with a view
  • Safety and Comfort

Think about where the office is located in your home. Is it the third bedroom at the end of the hallway, where little traffic is? Is that somewhere you would work well? Some people do better in a remote area of their home, but others prefer a more central area of their home. There’s no wrong area – it’s whatever you thing will work best for you.

What colors make you calm or energetic? While traditionally most offices are beige, this doesn’t need to be the case when the office is in your home. You can pick a soft mango, a tropical green, a muted blue – whatever hue you think will get your creative juices flowing. And, of course, since it’s your home, you can change things up as frequently as you need or want to.

Make sure you make the most of any natural light available. If there’s a window, don’t cover it with dark draperies. Let the light shine in! Do position your desk somewhere so that your computer screen doesn’t catch a glare from the morning or afternoon sun. Especially during the winter, it’s important to get enough sunlight to regulate mood and sleep patterns.

You want your view to be a pleasant one – weather it’s out the window, a nice painting above your desk, or maybe you want your desk facing towards the hallway, so that you have something to rest your eyes on when they become tired. Of course, pictures of your loved ones is always a welcome addition.

You’ll be spending many hours in your office, so make sure you have an ergonomic desk and keyboard. This can prevent health problems, eye strain, and reduce tension. Get up and walk around your house every five minutes – long periods of sitting aren’t good for anyone. Know when you need a break. A well placed oil diffuser or some low music can assist with a peaceful atmosphere as well.

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