5 Basics That’ll Make Your Home Easier to Sell in Tampa Bay

5 Basics That'll Make Your Home Easier to Sell in Tampa Bay

Your real estate agent will walk through your home with you when you decide to put it on the market – and he or she will give you plenty of suggestions for improvements.

But check out these five basics you can do before you even start talking to real estate agents. They’ll make a huge difference in the way people see your home!

5 Basics That’ll Make Your Home Easier to Sell in Tampa Bay

You can make each of these small improvements before you call a real estate agent to talk about listing your home:

  • Upgrade your street numbers
  • Get a new welcome mat
  • Take all the personal items out of your yard
  • Get a new mailbox
  • Upgrade your porch lights

#1. Upgrade your street numbers

Buyers drive by houses they’re interested in seeing – sometimes before they even call a real estate agent. Make yours easy to find and spruce up its appearance by investing in nice, shiny, new street numbers.

#2. Get a new welcome mat

Everybody likes a warm, cheerful welcome, so invest in a new mat for your front door. Buyers can tell it’s new, but that’s the point – they’ll know you’re invested in your home. Pick a classic style (nothing too quirky) so it’s neutral enough to appeal to everyone.

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#3. Take all the personal items out of your yard

Put bikes in the garage, stash pet toys in a storage container and please, hide your favorite football team’s flag. Don’t give buyers the chance to do anything but admire how neat your lawn is!

#4. Get a new mailbox

Buyers park right by the mailbox, and they think about what it might feel like to come down from the porch and pull out the bills when they’re on their first visit to your home. Make sure the mailbox – which is one of the first things they’ll see – is new and looks great.

#5. Upgrade your porch lights

Some buyers drive buy at dusk – or even after dark – to see what a neighborhood is like. You want your home to look good at all times of day, so upgrade your porch light fixtures if they’re dated. At the very least, put in new bulbs. That way, buyers can see that your house looks welcoming… and safe.

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