What to Look for in a Daycare Center When You Move to Tampa Bay

What to look for in a new daycare center in Tampa Bay moving to tampa bay

\If you’re a parent who’s moving to the Tampa Bay area, you need to know what to look for in a daycare center – and how to choose one that’s right for your kids, your budget and your goals.

Moving to Pasco, Pinellas, or Hillsborough County: Daycare Dos and Don’ts

While online reviews and word of mouth referrals can be great, there’s no substitute for visiting potential daycare centers in-person. You’ll be able to get a feel for the way they conduct day-to-day operations and how they interact with the children.

Trust your instincts; your first impression is usually right. If something feels “off” with a daycare center, it probably is – and you should look elsewhere for childcare.

While your researching potential daycare centers, check for:

  • A center with a good reputation. It’s always okay to ask personnel at a daycare center for references, and during your visit, you can ask other parents how they feel.
  • A facility that has good ground rules in place. Most daycare centers have written copies of their policies, which will enable you to gauge their level of professionalism.
  • A day care with a firm sick child policy. Which illnesses will keep kids out of daycare? Which won’t? You need reassurance that your child won’t be in danger of catching communicable diseases that could be prevented.
  • A childcare center with an open door policy. A good day care center will encourage parents to stop by unannounced; there’s no reason parents should have to call before dropping in.
  • A day care with age appropriate curriculum. Kids need time for physical activity, napping and learning. They also need time for meals, snacks and individual activities.
  • A caring, qualified staff. It’s good when day care staff members have backgrounds in early childhood development, but that’s not always necessary. However, it’s safest to put your child in a day care center where staff members are trained in CPR, pediatric first aid and other emergency techniques.

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