What if Your Home Builder Cut Corners?

what if your home builder cut corners

When you have your brand-new home inspected, your inspector will give you a comprehensive list of everything he or she uncovered during the inspection.

Unfortunately, even with new homes, sometimes inspection reports show that builders cut corners.

Why Do Some Builders Cut Corners?

Some builders, in an effort to get homes finished in time (or in an effort to save money), cut corners. Your inspector may find little hints and clues that your builder did this—but if not, you can still be on the lookout.

How to Tell if Your Builder Cut Corners

Go over every inch of the home during your walk-through. Check for sloppy paint jobs, poorly aligned outlets and light switches, and other clues that the builder or contractors may have been careless. Your inspector will check all the home’s major systems, including electrical, plumbing, and ductwork, and if he or she makes note of anything, know that there could be more that you’re not seeing.

What if Your Builder Cut Corners?

You can always go back to the builder and renegotiate the deal. You can also, in some cases (provided that there’s a contingency in your real estate contract that allows you to), back out of the transaction.

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