Top 3 Pizzerias in Tampa Bay

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If you just moved to Tampa Bay you need to know what kind of convenience foods are available to you. Tampa Bay is home to dozens of amazing pizza places. Which pizza place is the best is a subject for debate, but the top three are much easier to find by asking locals.

The first pizza place that definitely makes it into the top three is Eddie and Sam’s New York Pizza. With thousands of positive reviews and an incredibly diverse menu of authentic New York pizza, you can find this little piece of New York culture at 203 East Twiggs St., off North Ashley Drive. With only a few dollars, you can order pretty much any of their non-pizza dishes, and most of their pizzas for only fifteen dollars. For such a highly rated pizzeria, that’s a bargain.

If you’re on the west side of the Hillsborough River, another contender for the top three is nearby. TamPiz is a French pizza bar that serves dozens of different dishes aside from pizza on top of their main attraction. While the non-pizza dishes are more expensive than the ones at most pizza places, they make up for it with their pizza costing less. For example, twelve dollars you will get you a custom large pizza. They also make desserts and have the services of a recognized member of the top twenty pastry chefs in France. Located at 113 S Hyde Park Ave, eating at this pizza bar is never a mistake.

Last (but certainly not least) among the top three is Mirro’s Pizzeria. With one of the highest overall rankings among the pizza places in Tampa and one of the overall least expensive menus, this pizza place easily makes it into the top three. Located at 2307 S Dale Mabry Hwy, this pizza place is one of the best. For the best pizza eating experience, this pizzeria is only open in the PM hours, but the traditional taste and lack of cooking shortcuts is worth it.

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