The Oldsmar Organic Community Garden

If you are considering moving to Oldsmar, check out the Oldsmar Organic Community Garden. This community garden is located in Bicentennial Park at 423 Lafayette Blvd. As community gardens sweep the nation, the Oldsmar Organic Community Garden allows local gardeners to build new community relationships with like-minded neighbors they might otherwise never meet.

The Oldsmar Organic Community Garden is actually a non-profit organization that was founded in 2011. It provides educational information about organic gardening, supplements community outreach programs and offers raised beds that are available to residents.

If you are interested in a raised bed, they are assigned on a first come/first serve basis. They are only available to Oldsmar residents or employees who work at businesses in the city. The cost is reportedly just $50 per bed. Members of the Oldsmar Organic Community Garden can rent either one or two raised beds.

The gardening season begins in September each year and the enrollment period for renting a raised bed for the upcoming season goes through August 31. Of course, people who’ve tended a raised bed during the previous season can keep their claim on that same bed provided they pay their rental fee before the first of September each year.

If Oldsmar seems like a town where you might like to put down roots, please contact us so that we can show you some of the Oldsmar listings. If this community garden is especially enticing, let us know. We can specifically search listings nearby.