Should You Make Kitchen Improvements Before You Sell Your Home in Tampa Bay?

Published On: April 7, 2017|Categories: Real Estate|

should you make kitchen improvements before you sell your home in tampa bay

For most people selling a house in Valrico, a condo in Brandon, or anywhere else in the Tampa Bay area, it’s a sensible idea to make a few improvements around the home before listing it for sale… but unfortunately, not all home improvements are created equal when it comes to getting back the money you invest on them.

So what about your kitchen?

Should You Make Kitchen Improvements Before You Sell Your Home in Tampa Bay?

The national average for a kitchen remodel is about $15,000, and most people get back about 98.5 percent of their investment.

You may not need to gut your entire kitchen to sell your home, though. Instead, your agent might suggest that you spring for new appliances or replace tired, worn flooring… which can save you a bundle of cash and maximize your return-on-investment. He or she might also suggest:

  • Cabinet re-facing
  • A new sink or even just new fixtures
  • New counter tops
  • A new lighting scheme

Before you make any major decisions, talk to your Tampa Bay Realtor®. Your agent is there to help you get the most money when you sell your home, and he or she will help you make the right decisions based on how the market looks and what’s selling in the area. Markets can vary greatly—even from neighborhood to neighborhood—so it’s always best to check with your Realtor before you pour money into a house you’re about to sell.

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