Quick Tips To Get Your Summer Garden Blooming

Published On: June 21, 2013|Categories: Blog|Tags: |

Summer Gardening Tips For JuneSpring has sprung and today is the first official day of summer. If you are finally finding time to tend your garden, don’t feel guilty — just get dirty!

In one June weekend, you can have your yard looking colorful and smelling sweet. All it takes is a shovel, a design idea and a knowledgeable trip to a greenhouse.

Whether a rose is your favorite or you know nothing about flowers, you can make you yard beautiful without being a professional landscaper. Below are several types of flowers that will have your garden looking gorgeous this summer and you blushing from all your neighbors’ compliments.

Snowdrift Rose – The perfumed petals of this vigorous plant will provide a pleasant scent to your outdoors. Also, the stems are nice and long for cutting and creating indoor arrangements.

Black-Eyed Susan – After these vivid yellow flowers have bloomed, cut them back in order to ensure a second round of blossoms.

Dwarf Sunflower – If you love the large varietal, but don’t have the room, consider this smaller cousin.

English Lavender – This dark blue and purple flower is a tough plant that does well in even the hottest of climates.

Hydrangea – To take up more space, these little shrubs produce beautiful white clusters of flowers that fade to shades of pink and green.

Marigold – These traditional crimson blooms grow low and spread quickly, which makes them the perfect plant for a flowerbed border.

Petunia – The newer varieties of these full-sun flowers are low maintenance because they self-clean. The old blooms drop off without you needing to prune.

Summersweet – If you have a shady spot, this pink or white plant with its gold colored leaves will have the space feeling vibrant.

Zinnia – These long-lasting yellow, red and orange flowers will bloom well into fall.

A rose can be red, violets are blue — but you don’t have to feel that way about your garden.

Take one weekend this month to tame your flowerbeds, introduce a few budding plants and enjoy their fragrant scents for the rest of the summer.